Stockholm Santa (2012) – By Misty Layne

Stockholm Santa is the story of young Brady, who after briefly encountering and falling in love with a mysterious girl, goes on a mission to find out who she is and where she came from. His yearning to find her leads him to do something he never thought he would – kidnap Santa Claus.

Clocking in at a mere seven minutes, Stockholm Santa is a fun family friendly comedy that shows the bitter sweetness of first love especially at a young age. Brady meets his mystery girl in the park and runs home to figure out how to find her. Watching a news segment on Santa, who states that he is able to find all the children in the world, Brady decides to kidnap him to help him find his love. He’s successful with a glass of spiked milk but wait…there’s a twist here that no one saw coming! Will Brady find his love and more importantly will their love prevail?

This is a cute short and the child actors are adorable. Morgan Shewey as the girl is particularly a delight with her one-liners and world weariness. Santa doesn’t have a huge part here really as he spends the majority of his time tied up and gagged but he is a bit blustering which is kind of nice to see in the old guy.

If you’re looking for a holiday romp that’s fun for the whole family, be sure to check out Stockholm Santa. It’s currently running the festival circuit and was written, produced and directed by Sammi Stephans. Most recently it’s played at the Chicago REEL Shorts Independent Film Fest and the Illinois International Film Festival. To find out more about Stockholm Santa, check out their Facebook page.