Stone (2010) – By Brian Morton

Any time you put either Robert DeNiro or Edward Norton into a movie, you have my attention. But, when you put them together, I’m looking forward to something pretty interesting. Well, in the new release, Stone, I was…let’s just say under whelmed!

Stone is the story of Norton, a prisoner who’s coming up for parole. DeNiro plays the prison evaluator whose job it is to determine whether Stone is ready to even be considered, and prepare him to return to society if he is. As the two actors duel across a desk, we learn that DeNiro’s character isn’t the best man at home; he’s distant and a bit abusive. While Norton is using his wife to get to DeNiro to help him get out. As DeNiro starts an affair with Norton’s wife, it’s clear where this is all heading.

What is supposed to be a study of two relationships turns into something very weird? Neither character neither is very sympathetic nor does neither make you want to see more of them. Milla Jovovich appears as Norton’s wife, and spends an extended amount of time topless and having sex with DeNiro…which isn’t something that I felt I needed to see!! But, sadly, nothing about this movie grabbed me and made me want to continue, I felt like I was biding my time waiting for something to happen…and it never did.

I’m giving Stone 2 out of 4 cigars, if you enjoy either actor, you might want to see it (just to say you did), but if you enjoy gripping drama, look elsewhere! Visit Stone for yourself by heading over to