Story of White Coat: Indecent Acts (1984) – By Duane L. Martin

Junior is the ignorant, spoiled rotten son of the major shareholder in a hospital. As the film opens, Junior is having sex in the back seat of his car with a girl, but his penis is so large that he gets stuck inside of her and can’t get out. His cheauffer slash personal assistant drives him in a panic to the hospital where they have to knock the girl out with drugs to get her to relax enough for him to get out. While he’s there, he sets his sights on a pretty young nurse who is still a virgin. She doesn’t want to have sex with him though, and to complicate matters further, there’s another nurse who basically rapes him a couple of times, and his chauffeur has fallen in love with the pretty nurse he wants to have sex with. How does it all end up? You’ll have to watch the film to find out.

This film is #17 in the Nikkatsu Erotic Films Collection from Synapse’s Impulse label. To be honest, when I received this film and #18 in the series, Horny Diver: Tight Shellfish to review, I expected Horny Diver to be the better of the two films, but I was wrong. This one was the better of the two, as this was the one that had a more coherent story and far better sex. That’s not to say the other one was horrible or anything, just that this one was the better of the two releases.

While this film is lacking in the real kinky stuff you’ll find in one particular scene in Horny Diver, it makes up for it with better sex and plenty of the requisite rape and attempted rape scenes that appear in so many Japanese films.

Junior, as a character, is both dim and obnoxious, while his chauffeur is actually a nice guy, but was raised with Junior and basically treated like a lackey his whole life. He did Junior’s tests for him in school and basically has always taken care of him and made his life easy, while Junior got to live the good life, and all he seems to get out of it is that he’s treated like the lackey Junior has always just taken for granted. When it comes to pretty nurse Shinobu though, he needs to man up if he wants to get the girl. His penis may not be as big as Junior’s, but he’s a much nicer guy.

One of the funny things about this film is when the nurse named Megumi, who seems to be the head nurse in the hospital, basically rapes Junior, not once, but twice. The look on his face is priceless during these rapes, and what’s hilarious is that the second time, she gives him a case of the crabs. I don’t know what he was so terrified about though. She was pretty hot. He should have been more than happy to have sex with her…I mean, minus the crabs thing anyway.

The lighter films like this in the Nikkatsu collection are just silly and kind of fun. There’s nothing overly heavy or dark here, like you’d find in the more serious films in the collection. The light ones will give you a laugh here and there and leave you feeling good when they’re over. The heavier ones are almost kind of depressing in a way.

Story of White Coat: Indecent Acts is a fun little romp with a decent story and some really entertaining scenes. It’s definitely one you’ll want to make sure you have in your Nikkatsu collection. This release includes newly translated English subtitles, the original theatrical trailer and liner notes from film scholar, Jasper Sharp.

If you’d like to find out more about this film, you can check out its page on the Synapse Films website here, and if you’d like to get a copy for yourself, you can get the DVD from Amazon or from any of the other usual outlets.