Streamer (2016) – Jim Morazzini Blood in the Snow Festival


An expanded version of Bratt’s 2013 short, Jared Bratt and Vincent Punn’s Streamers is a look at love, loneliness and madness set against the seedy world of internet webcam porn. It screened at the Blood in the Snow festival as their “Underground at Midnight” film it seems an odd choice for the festival and especially for a midnight showing. As much a drama as a horror film it’s hardly what is usually considered midnight movie material.

Jared (Jared Bratt) lives a completely isolated life, he has no friends, has never had a girlfriend, etc. His only outlet seems to be the internet and in particular assorted porn sites. He develops an obsession with one of the cam girls (Tanya Lee). When he realizes she lives in his building he forces himself out of his shell to strike up a friendship with her. But when it seems like friends is all they’ll ever be his obsession begins to verge on madness.

Streamer has a lot to say about people and our technological society but it never finds it’s voice. So much of the film is spent watch Jared wander through his existence while staring off into space that the film constantly drags. The scenes between the two leads are convincingly awkward but the frequent silences also make things seem to drag. This probably would have been better at an hour’s length than as a full feature.

Overly bland and slow, Streamer never lives up top its potential, the actors manage to capture the awkward vibe between the two characters but really doesn’t do much with it. And in a year that’s given us BB and even Teenage Cocktail that’s enough to doom it.