Street Trash (1987) – By Jason Patfield

 Industry renowned DP and steady cam operator J. Michael Muro has worked on countless numbers of big budget Hollywood releases, but before his career progressed towards the main stream he directed a ground breaking, cult classic, melt movie called Street Trash.

Street Trash is part horror, part comedy, part exploitation and overall an enjoyable film. The raunchy story revolves around a batch of Viper and a group of homeless degenerates who consume the liquid. It all starts after Ed; liquor store owner finds a wooden crate under his basement stairs. He decides to slap a buck a bottle on the Viper batch and sell it to the local street people; little do the unsuspecting victims know that the slightest sip will turn you into a pile of goop!

Don’t get me wrong, Street Trash has its flaws and will offend most people. The acting is ridged and dialogue is occasionally hooky but the camera work and special effects make up for those slight imperfections.

For an independent project and fixed budget, Muro did a fantastic job utilizing the resources around him. What I can appreciate most about this film was the camera work, the settings and the character development.

I really have nothing but praise for Street Trash plus with the 2 disk DVD release and plethora of extras, I think it’s a great edition to any horror or exploitation film collection.  

Movie: ****/*****
2 Disk DVD Extras: ****/*****