Strongest of Lotus (2014) – By Philip Smolen

“Strongest of Lotus” is a six minute short from Thailand from first time writer/director Patcharaphon Napapornpipat. It tells the story of a young handicapped girl (Lalita Srisuka) who is extremely self conscious about her disability. No matter where she goes, she believes that people are talking about and making fun of her. She discovers the world of music and finds that her musical passion and the purity and beauty of her playing touch many lives.

This film is simple and direct. It first shows how uncomfortable Srisuka is in her wheelchair and then shows her joy after realizing how she has broken through to people with her music. Writer/director Napapornpipat uses few special techniques and instead lets the emotions of the actors carry the film. However, I wish that the emotional impact that they display was stronger. It’s a big thing to communicate with music and this revelation needed to be more pronounced. The film’s story is inspiring, but the methods used to communicate it needed more flair.

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