Stuck (2013) – By Misty Layne

Stuck, is a brand new web series out of my old stomping grounds (Atlanta) that focuses on a town where unemployment isn’t unusual and everybody has an interesting story to tell. The pilot focuses on Henry, who after coming home from college, tries to reconnect with his younger brother, Joey, by stopping to get alcohol for his friends. The regulars at the liquor store jump to the conclusion that Henry’s father is an alcoholic and he’s sending Henry to get his liquor for him when a priest walks in and everyone’s story is further complicated.

Full of intriguing characters and true to life awkwardness (how exactly does one react when their priest walks into a liquor store, assumes they work there and starts asking uncomfortable questions and then walks out chugging the Johnny Walker he’s just bought?), this pilot is a good start to what looks to be one fun and fabulous ride of a web series. I’m already intrigued by Henry and what exactly his story is and I definitely want to know why that priest is partying with underage kids. I’m already drawn in after only eleven minutes of footage which is always a good sign.

Shot on GoPro HERO 3, the cinematography is flawless particularly in the final party scene where each and every little detail stands out. The actor playing Henry is also flawless in his awkwardness (and we all know that I do love the awkward!). I definitely want to see more of this.

Stuck is also fundraising at the moment so if you’d like to help them out you can visit their Kickstarter campaign. You can also learn more about the series, watch the pilot and learn about the cast and crew by visiting their website.