Stuck in the Middle (2011) – By Brian Morton

What happens after we die? It’s the eternal question, isn’t it? Well, a new movie from Joseph Pepitone imagines that life after death isn’t too different than life now. It’s called Stuck in the Middle and it’s one of the best indie comedies I’ve seen this year.

Michael is a slacker who’s been working in the mail room of a big corporation for the past 10 years. While out one night celebrating the promotion of a colleague, Michael is told about auto-erotic asphyxiation…something he’s never heard of before. So, in his drunken state, Michael decides to try it out…and wakes up in Purgatory! And, unlike other movies, Purgatory here is…a big corporation, and Michael’s been assigned to work in the mail room!!! Everything seems to be running normally for Michael, until he and his co-workers discover that Todd, a higher up who’s also a right hand man to Jesus, is planning on buying Purgatory and building new condos for Heaven. This would mean that everyone in Purgatory would have to move to Hell…something they don’t really want to do! So, now it’s up to Michael and his friends, to find out who’s backing Todd and convince Jesus that he’s as big a douche bag as he seems.

Stuck in the Middle is a wonderfully charming little movie that’s sort of a cross between Dogma and The Office! And, that might sound like one of the stranger combinations you’ve ever heard of, but it really does work. By the end of the movie, you’ll be rooting for Michael and his gang to beat Todd and show Jesus that they deserve to stay in their office. Stuck in the Middle has fantastic acting, Stephen Fontana is amazing as Michael and you’ll find yourself falling for Penelope Lagos, who plays Brooke, Michael’s boss/love interest…both are real stand outs, but no one in the whole cast is wasted, everyone shines and is great, and it’s probably not hard to shine with a great story like this!

I’m giving Stuck in the Middle 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s an amazing premise executed perfectly. And, there’s an ending that will make you wonder what the hell just happened! Do yourself a favor and visit Purgatory for yourself by checking this amazing indie out for yourself by heading over to