Suburban Psycho Horror Collection (2010) – By Brian Morton

If you know me, then you know one thing about me is that I’m cheap! I’m always looking for the best deal that I can get, so my DVD collection contains a ton of those multi-movie on one disc things…and I have to admit, I love them!!! Well, Shock-O-Rama is giving us one that, in my humble opinion, is one of the best EVER! It’s called the Suburban Psycho Horror Collection and it has 4 of the best B movies that the studio has released.

You’ll start with disc 1, this is Suburban Nightmare, the story of a loving young couple and their child….oh, and did I forget to mention that they’re both serial killers!? Well, you might imagine that with two different killing styles in the family, there might be some strife, and there is, and plenty of blood flows! And there’s a young girl being held captive in the basement for those moments of ‘serial killer relaxation’. It’s a great movie and a fantastic way to start.

Next up is Psycho Sisters, and it’s about…what else…two sisters who are definitely psycho! The Sicole sisters had a really bad childhood, it all started when the three of them went to the beach and were attacked and raped by a group of men and one of the girls were killed. Now the other two have ‘man issues’, meaning that they enjoy killing any man who happens across their path! Now, the police, a biker gang and their doctor is hot on their trail…which is easy to follow, with all that blood and all!

On the third disc, you’ll get Skin Crawl. When a husband plots the death of his wife with his mistress, they have no idea that the murder will trigger an ancient curse and bring the dead back to life. And you know the dead, when they’re brought back to life, they get pissed!!!

Finally, on the final disc, you’ll get Drainiac. This Brett Piper movie is the story of Julie. Julie’s dad has bought a run down old house that he plans to clean up and resell. Well, he plans to let Julie clean it and then he’ll resell it. The only problem is that the house’s plumbing system seems to be haunted, and it’s starting to kill anyone who comes into contact with the water. It’s up to Mr. Plummer…who’s not a plumber…to exorcise the pipes and get the killer water under control.

The Suburban Psycho Horror Collection is one of the best collections I’ve seen in a long time. There’s no ‘duds’ here, so you don’t have to buy the disc to get the one movie you want, all 4 movies are top notch and just a ton of ‘drive-in’ fun! Here’s the rundown, Suburban Nightmare gets 4 out of 4 cigars; Psycho Sisters gets 3 out of 4 cigars; Skin Crawl gets 4 out of 4 cigars and Drainiac gets 3 1/2 out of 4 cigars…so over all, this is a package that you really need in your collection! You can grab one for yourself by heading over to