Sucka 4 Luv (2013) – By Philip Smolen

Chris (William “Spank” Horton) is dating the lovely Sharon (Xavia Omega) and he wants to marry her. The problem is that Chris has an anger problem. His temper is so famous that he’s even appeared on a local Philadelphia talk show as “the angry Philly guy.” Sharon loves Chris, but as a psychiatrist, she knows that Chris needs to get his anger under control if their relationship is ever going to work. So at the very moment Chris gets on his knees and asks Sharon to marry him, she breaks up with him – for 30 days. She tells Chris that he has 30 days to get his anger under control or else they’re done for good. Sharon also tells Chris that she’ll be dating other guys during that 30 day period in order to test his ability to remain cool.

“Sucka 4 Luv” is a new romantic comedy from director Patrick Pierre and it’s a saucy and delightful date flick. Set in Philadelphia, Pierre gets a lot of mileage out of putting Chris through his anger training paces. At first Chris is pissed off at Sharon’s attempts to change him and he grouses with his two best friends, the rational thinking and virginal Thomas (William Lewis) and the more earthy (and horny) Snap (a hysterical Lawrence Killebrew). Later, when Chris realizes how much he truly loves Sharon, he tries his best to keep calm, even when he meets the slippery Bobby (Cory Hite), a smooth talker who’s got his eye on Sharon.

Pierre has a sharp eye for guy/girl relationships and the way each sex talks about the other. He has the guys talking big around each other (especially Snap), and then falling in line once their girl shows up. He also has the women talking smack about each other’s boyfriend when they’re alone, but keeping quiet when they’re in front of the guys. It’s a nice touch and it feels real.

This cast is brilliant. I loved William “Spank” Horton as Chris. At first he’s all up in everyone’s face, letting his inner id out. Later on he’s confused and dumbfounded when his attempts to sabotage Bobby’s dates with Sharon go wrong. Horton’s got a great inner thermometer that’s fun to watch and he’s convincing as he lets Chris’s temperature rise and fall with each different situation. Xavia Omega is also quite good as Sharon. She plays Sharon as knowing exactly what she wants, but then becoming vulnerable later on when she realizes that her experiment may have gone too far. William Lewis, Janice McDuffy, Cory Hite and Darrah Lashley are all excellent in their supporting roles.

The one aspect of the movie that doesn’t ring true for me is the anger management plan itself. It seems very cruel, and I’m not sure a lot of guys would have put up with it. It also would have been fun if Pierre had Chris turn the tables on Sharon to see if she would have gotten angry with him if he went on dates with other women. But this flick is still amusing and playful and maintains its sense of fun for its entire 80 minutes. “Sucka 4 Luv” is a solid romantic comedy that enjoys poking holes in relationships.

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