Suffering Cassandra (2015) – By Matthew Robinson

Roberto Carmona writes, directs and stars in “Suffering Cassandra” a dark dramedy that focuses on relationships. Normally this is the part where I lament the director starring in his own work and bringing down the project but here Carmona does a fairly good job both in front and behind the camera.

“Suffering Cassandra” is about four people Eddie (Carmona), Cassandra (Haely Jardas), Helen (Heather Rae) and Fernando (Sheen Mercado). Cassandra is a bit jealous of the friendship between Eddie and his supposed platonic friend Helen. These feelings only intensify when the four end up stuck inside Helen’s house when a freak storm comes rolling in. Tensions mount as Fernando goes on a quest to get laid by “any means necessary” and Cassandra is ready to brawl from moment one.

The acting in “Suffering Cassandra” is probably it’s greatest strength. Haely Jardas does a great job in particular portraying an insecure and clingy young woman. Her chemistry with Carmona is instantaneous and her nuclear heat with Rae helps drive most of the film.

The script is decent. It is mostly just a series of long conversations between characters as they talk about their theories on life. These conversations are in the end filler before the more distinct moments of the film occur. These exchanges can be hit or miss. There is a great moment where the group is playing the game “never have I ever” and a fairly forced and uncharacteristic conversation between Rae and Jardas about religion. Mercado’s Fernando ends up with some of the more intriguing dialogue as he slowly evolves into a darker and darker persona.

“Suffering Cassandra” does limit itself by forcing the audience to suspend disbelief in a key few scenes. Sometimes it feels that the characters are being bent to simply advance the plot and lack organic motivation. There are also scenes where there is supposed to be a big storm going on outside but it’s quiet and bright outside. It’s the little details like these that hold back this film from being a stronger outing.

All that being said Carmona definitely has talent as a director and writer and all of the actors deserve to get more work after this film is over with. “Suffering Cassandra” is a great film for millennials who are still trying to find a place in this world, or perhaps just find someone to share that place with.

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