Suitable Candidate (2013) – By Kyle Hytonen

The dark yet humorous Suitable Candidate is a fast paced and fun horror/comedy short from writer/director David Thorpe.

Leah (Meabh Carron) is excited and nervous to be interviewing for a very prestigious office job. She meets her competition, Victoria (Julie Mckiernan), who seems poised and confident. Victoria lives close to work, she holds herself much better than the out of town Leah and she immediately makes Leah feel intimidated.   

Later, Leah finds out through a quite cold voice message that she did not get the job. Her mind flashes back to her meet up with her competition, and the wheels begin to spin in Leah’s mind. Maybe she isn’t quite licked yet. From there the film takes a few nasty and macabre turns, unleashing a fun and dark climax to this quick and fun short film.

Suitable Candidate is quick witted and well paced, and each set piece in the film is crafted very well by writer/director Thorpe and his production team. We get a sense very quickly the differences in personality in both Leah and Victoria, which not only helps progress the characters and story but also the underbelly of humour that lies within the film. The pacing is great and it is well shot and edited. The film also contains a maliciously funny end credit sequence that adds a wonderful Easter egg to the screening.

The film was created as part of a 48 hour film challenge, and is very impressive considering the time constraints the film was under. Suitable Candidate has screened at various film festivals since being completed. You can find out more info on the film by visiting the Facebook page for the movie at