Summer Vacation for the B-movie Fan – By Danny Runion

The summer hasn’t officially started by the calendar. Well, the summer heat has arrived and, the movie blockbusters have started at the beginning of May. What will you be doing for summer vacation?? The time of packing the car full of suitcases, luggage, and screaming kids to drive for hours and hours while trying to not get lost on scenic highways and the super-speedy interstates is usually considered something of the past.

Well, the movies we’ve watched over the years should help us survive the typical vacations. It is time for these places in vacation which are few and far between. It is a good idea for all of us pale, gawkward B-movie fans to get out of our stuffy, dark living rooms. The sun might make us look a little less than are abnormal school glue pasty pallor. The random monster attacks are only good if we are truly prepared. Remember paranoia is a good thing

The beach is sand, sun, and surf. The beach may be filled with towels and the annoying inflatable swim rings. After "Jaws" any type of boating accident will have you not trusting any coastal town mayor. There are plenty of beaches for giant killer monsters to dine on the tastiest, quadrupeds of the world according to Sci-Fi Saturday night movies.

Amusement parks may have had killer sharks attacking them in "Jaws 3" and Chevy Chase going ballistic in Wally World in "National Lampoon’s Vacation". I think it’s safe to say those aren’t the best ways to enjoy theme parks. At least, they are a lot safer than teenage summer camps.