Sunday Drive (2010) – By Matthew Saliba

It’s a Oisin Mac Coille double-bill this month in Rogue Cinema where I not only review "Ann" but also his excursion into horror, "Sunday Drive." This is the third of his films I’ve had a chance to review (the other being "The Companion") and like his previous work, it’s unquestionably a Mac Coille picture. His slow burn pacing, foreign locales and twist endings are all in full force here.

A couple decides to go on a "Sunday Drive" when they run into car troubles, which while bad, are merely a petty annoyance in comparison to this man who crosses paths with them thinking that the girl is his wife and the mother of his children. So naturally he kidnaps her and attempts to integrate her into his daily routine. But naturally being a Mac Coille flick, there’s a twist at the end.

My favorite filmmakers have always been the ones who are able to jump from genre to genre without missing a beat. My all-time favorites are the ones who can do so AND maintain a sense of authorship over their work that is unquestionably them. I’m happy to report that with "Sunday Drive," Mac Coille proves that he can do the slow burn character piece within the confines of the horror genre. I’d actually be very curious to see a full-on horror feature by the man as it would undoubtedly be unique and engaging as most of his filmography has been thus far.

The film is available to view online at: