Sunnyvale (2005) – By Brian Morton

 When it comes to comedy, it’s really easy to take a wrong turn and make something that you think is funny that’s actually a huge joke…but one where people are laughing at you, not with you, and that’s a line that’s got to be very hard to walk! We’ve all seen those comedies where all the funny parts were in the trailer and you end up feeling bad for the people who are on the screen, because they all thought this was hysterically funny, and it is, just not the way they thought it was funny!

Well, Sunnyvale isn’t one of those, James Ricardo has crafted a movie here that’s so good, you can’t take your eyes off it, but you can’t really tell why, and that’s meant as a compliment! The story here is about a guy called Hound, who doesn’t work, doesn’t leave his apartment except to get food and is hopelessly addicted to porn (a story that might have been the life story of our beloved editor had his wife not rescued him! – Editor’s Note: That still pretty much describes my life…only I got my wife to keep me company. 😀 ). One day, a random girl knocks on Hound’s door and thus starts our tale. Hound has never dated and ends up, not only dating, but sleeping with three very attractive women, which as a guy, we’ll all know is both great and awful.

Hound isn’t very good at dealing with others, and end up alienating all the women, then winning them back and then, ultimately alienating them all again. The moral of the tale is that if you’re a loser addicted to porn and fast food, stay with those addictions and leave the ladies alone.

But there’s more to it than that, this is a great movie! The acting is excellent, the writing is great and the movie flows so well, that you really want to see this guy win. The dialogue is crisp and funny, filled with one-liners and lots of quirky banter between characters, it’s really very very good! The movie is set almost entirely in Hound’s apartment, but I didn’t notice that until after it was over, I was that drawn in…which if petty rare for me. The other thing about this movie is that it’s not only funny, it’s very sexy, and with there’s no nudity, and in this day and age to be sexy and not be naked is just a pretty rare thing, and very hard to pull off, but Mr. Ricardo manages quite nicely!

If you’d like to check this out for yourself, you might have to travel to one of the many film festivals that it’s playing at, but it’s worth the trip. You can find our more about Sunnyvale at, and until next we meet, when I’ll be apologizing profusely to the editor for the joke I made in the second paragraph and begging for my job back, remember that the best movies are bad movies! (2nd Editor’s Note: Fly out here and do my dishes and I’ll consider forgiving you.)