Supernatural Activity (2012) – By Duane L. Martin

I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that the number of people who’ve never seen a paranormal based reality show like Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, etc…. I’m sure there are multitudes of people who’ve seen "found footage" films like The Blair Witch Project, and paranormal films like Paranormal Activity as well. I’m also thinking it’s a safe bet that most of these people have seen spoof films on these topics, like the Scary Movie series, et al. These spoof films will goof on pretty much anything and everything relating to these genres, and while some, like the Scary Movie series tend to be fun, others have fallen seriously flat. Supernatural Activity is one of these spoof films, and while it looks indie and has a relatively modest budget, it delivers some great laughs, great characters and a whole lot of fun.

The film is about the host of a super popular paranormal show called Supernatural Activity. The host, and creator of the show is a guy named Damon Dealer (Andrew Pozza), who is essentially a Chris Angel wannabe, only taken to extremes. It’s his dream to become the world’s greatest illusionist, but first he needs to end his long running, successful series in a way that’s sure to get him lots of publicity. In a risky move, he plans on ending his paranormal reality show with a bang, by exposing it all as a fraud. Some of his team already knew it was all a fraud, while others didn’t, including his girlfriend. To that end, he hires a documentary film maker to document the shooting of their final episode, only things don’t exactly go as planned. Damon’s ex-stripper, psychic girlfriend, Blair (Liddy Bisanz), is obsessed with finding the supernatural creature known as the Smallsquatch, which is basically a midget Sasquatch. When an opportunity comes up to investigate the creature, she insists that for their next episode, they investigate purported sightings of the creature in a rural town. Unable to say no to her, even though it doesn’t go along with his plans, he agrees, and the team heads off to the town, but what they find there is far more than any of them ever expected.

I can’t tell you how many of these films end up being just flat out stupid. This one however really delivered on the laughs and the fun. This can be attributed to two things really. First, the cast in this film was just amazing. I mean seriously, what a great group of people they assembled for this film. Andrew Pozza as Damon was incredibly entertaining doing the whole Chris Angel wannabe thing. His mannerisms and expressions and the goofy signature hand gesture…he really became this character and made it believable, even as silly as he was at times. Another great character is Pepper, played by Joey Oglesby. Basically think of a bible thumping redneck straight out of the bible belt with a shotgun, and there you have it, and man, he was funny. Donny Boaz plays Brock. He’s basically Damon’s right hand man, and a Matthew McConaughey wannabe. I really can’t stress how much the cast of this film all got into character, and he was just as silly and awesome as the rest. I could sit here and list them all off, but it’d be better if you just saw the movie. There’s no point in my sitting here going through them all when you can just watch it for yourself.

They cover a lot of material in this film, including paranormal reality shows, ghost hunting, Blair Witch situations, demonic possession, paranormal films like Paranormal Activity, charcter stereotypes and of course…Sasquatch. There’s also a healthy dose of physical comedy and other silliness that will keep you entertained from start to finish. The end of the film is the only part that starts to fall apart a little bit in my opinion, but the rest of it is just gold, and definitely worth your time to check out. I enjoyed this film every bit as much, if not more so than the Scary Movie series, so give it a shot. I think you all might enjoy it as well.

This is another independent film release from Well Go USA, and I really must say, good on them for releasing this one! It doesn’t have any special features other than the film’s trailer, which is sad in my opinion, as I would have really loved to have seen the bloopers from this film. It does have subtitles however, which was a pleasant surprise. Anyone who follows my reviews knows what an advocate I am for optional subtitles on DVD and blu-ray releases. In any case, it’s definitely a film you’ll want to add to your collection. It has rewatchability, and it’s the kind of a film you’ll enjoy pulling out when you’re hanging out late at night with your buddies. Hell, you may even find yourself quoting it now and then, as there are certainly some quotable lines in it. SQUIRREL DEMON!!! Good stuff indeed.

If you’d like to find out more about this film, you can check out its page on the Well Go USA website here, and if you’d like to pick up a copy for yourself, you can get the DVD from Amazon, or from any of the other usual outlets.