Survivors (2015) – By Loida Garcia


You’re a journalist who has damning information on a major corporation.  The type of information that can wake the world up and perhaps prevent an epidemic unlike any that has ever been seen.  What do you do as you find yourself stuck in the middle of hell?  Will you give up or press on?

That my friends is the story of Survivors, by Adam Spinks.  Is it original?  Not completely.  But what it does is make the chances of the scenario very possible in the real world.  Very possible, frighteningly possible.

From the very first moment I was hooked.  Not just because I am a fan of zombies (or zombie like epidemics),  but because it was presented in a slightly new way.  New enough to make it stand out and not just fall under the “just another zombie movie” label.

There were some imperfections in the movie.  The gun shots did not look all that real, and some of the actors seemed rather stiff.  As well as there was a bit of background noise feeding through into the audio which kept it from having that crisp sound.  With that said though, the rest of the movie was amazing.

One of my favourite things (which I’m sure was completely unintentional) is that the voice of the character Duke reminded me so much (almost to a T) of the voice of the radio host in the App, Zombies Run.  There was just something about hearing his voice while rarely seeing him that made the movie feel almost nostalgic.  Survivors was perfectly scored in every way.  Not only was the story told visually but they managed to tell it through the music as well.  There were so many moments throughout it that I couldn’t hold my laughter back.  Just those perfectly timed moments that so rarely happen in film.  I adore the mix of first person (for the flashbacks) and regular filming.  It really made you feel up close and personal to what was happening during the flashbacks.  Almost as if one was having the memory themselves.  I also love how they kept switching back and forth between the past and present.  The timing on that was impecable!  Survivors also manages to have some truly intense moments and are cringe worthy.  Not from gore, but just due to the situation.  Joanne Gale does an amazing job as Kate Meadows.  She is able to portray this natural insecurity that was key to pulling her character off like no one else.

Over all a wonderful movie, I couldn’t have picked a better Sunday movie to watch.  It also has caused me to look further into a certain subject matter that I had put aside for a while *wink*.

It was a pleasure Mr. Spinks, I look forward to watching your next film!