Tailypo (2015) – By Jon Hatfield


This is the tale of a poor man living in a backwoods cabin with his dog. He stumbles upon an unknown creature in the woods when he accidentally shoots it’s tail off.

You might be thinking this film has comedic moments based on the opening description. It has none.

“If I have to watch this guy pat and talk to his dog one more time . . . “ was often a thought that had my finger hovering over the stop button the entire time.

Having a backwoods African-American man – living in a decade I’m unsure of – is actually refreshing as a concept – until he started talking. Cut about five minutes of the man talking to his dog out and this MIGHT have been a halfway decent movie.

The intro was ok. Showing that something had been caught, but we’re not sure what. Turns out it was just a piece of large tail. Crazy. I know.

Something is lurking in the woods and is repeating the word, “tailypo.” It turns out this is the creature’s word for tail – and it wants it back.

I wasn’t sure whether to take the movie seriously or not. I’m not sure if it was meant to be a comedy or horror, but it didn’t seem to be intended to be a homedy (horror/comedy).

If the filmmakers were intending to make a homedy, they hit the mark too close to the center and the film ended up being lukewarm.

I did like the voice over used for the monster and I did appreciate the quality of the cinematography. I also liked the unique concept of the film – that this was an African-American man with a very modest life.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this film.

My rating out of 10 ( 10 as highest)
3-General Rating