Tales Till the End (1999) – By Brian Morton

I love a good end of the world tale and this is the start of one. I’m giving big props to the guys at Falcon Video Ltd.; they took a great idea, three men, on a camping trip, suddenly being faced with the end of the world. Well, this is a great start to these guys telling their most hidden secrets to each other, the problem is that each ‘secret’ is a murder, although each has it’s own particular spin, it begins feeling sort of the same.

Here’s the story…or stories: The first story involves a knife that’s cursed and anyone who holds it becomes a maniac killer. The second story (which is decidedly the strongest) involves a low budget filmmaker and a disreputable distributor. Anyone who makes low budget movies will probably get a good laugh out of this one. And the third story involves a man (who seems a bit slow) who helps a friend by keeping his wife company while he works. This sort of involves a cheating wife, a broken heart and some pretty graphic torture. The wrap-arounds involve the men sitting in the bunker and there’s a twist ending that you can sort of see coming, but all the movies are well done for the budget, the problems are with the acting. It appears that we’ve hired friends rather than actors and that’s usually a mistake.

Now, please don’t think that I’m bashing this movie, of the two movies I received from Falcon Video (the other being Jacker 2) this is a far better movie. It seems that practice is making progress toward perfect. Tales Till the End is shot on video, not digital tape, so it does look rougher than most low budget movies do today, so I’m more likely to place this in the micro-budget category, and, that being said, I think Tales Till the End is a great idea, executed on the lowest of budgets, I’d be anxious to see what Falcon could do with a bigger budget…and maybe some better actors. I’m giving Tales Till the End three out of four cigars, because, while it might be rough in appearance, you’ve heard the term diamond in the rough, I think this is one! So, until next time, when I’ll reveal that I’m also a diamond in the rough, the problem is that I’m not smoothing out any time soon, remember that the best movies are bad movies.