Tan Man (2006) – By Brian Morton

 Combining genres is one of the hardest things to do when you’re making a movie, I’m thinking about any of the hundreds of ‘horror/comedies’ that I’ve seen that wound up being neither! Well, combining a buddy comedy with a crime movie must be just as hard, but Gary Teperman manages to mix them together perfectly in the new movie, Tan Man.

Tan Man is really the story of Enzo, Enzo works at his uncle’s tanning salon, but his uncle is in trouble. It seems that Uncle Joe owes some money to some bad people, and in order to get the money to pay his debt, he wants Enzo to pick up some Australian tanning lotion that’s not exactly legal in this country, if Enzo will pick up some cases of this lotion all his Uncle’s financial problems will be solved and he’ll even pay for a year of Enzo’s schooling…an offer not many people could refuse. Well, being that this is only semi-legal, Enzo decides that caution is in order and recruits four of his friends to tag along, just in case. What happens next gets stranger and stranger, Enzo’s simple pick up turns into a bizarre scavenger hunt, taking an item to one person, getting another item from them and taking it to someone else, and the items get weirder too, everything from a 200 year old statue to transporting illegal hookers! Tan Man veers between five guys having fun on a strange road trip to four guys squaring off with the local mafia to save a friend, and it all ends up where it all began somehow, with five friends who just spent the night hanging out!

Tan Man is a definite ‘guy movie’, it’s something that you and your buddies will surely identify with, and everything from the situations to the dialogue resonates with real life. Gary Teperman has crafted a story that combines real life with fantasy with no seams showing. I’d recommend Tan Man to anyone who’s looking for a great fun movie that teaches a lesson without beating you over the head with it. What’s that lesson? Well, you’ll have to get Tan Man yourself to find out, and you’ll not be disappointed. Head over to Peg Side Films to see it for yourself. And, until next time, when all of us Rogue Reviewers will pile into one car and take a road trip of our own…to the theatre, remember that the best movies are bad movies.