Taylor Bertram (2013) – By Brian Morton

Alright, full disclosure. There are a handful of filmmakers whose movies I really look forward to, and one of those is Oak Road Multimedia’s Randy DeFord. So, when Oak Road’s latest, Taylor Bertram, dropped into my inbox, I was pretty excited to close the door, pull the curtains and drop it into my DVD player…and, once again, I wasn’t disappointed.

Taylor Bertram is the story of a woman who’s being terribly abused, the people in the small town she lives near know it, but no one feels they have the right to help her, since she’s clearly not willing to help herself. Only one woman in town shows her any sort of public sympathy and she’s warned away from helping any further. So, when the abusive husband turns up dead, there are a few suspects, but no one willing to own up to the crime, a crime that isn’t really that terrible a thing, really.

The real fun in Taylor Bertram, and all of Oak Road Multimedia’s movies really, is that it feels like a ‘slice of life’ movie, not a story you’re being told. DeFord’s writing style and use of actors who aren’t ‘Hollywood’ (for lack of a better term), they’re all good actors, but aren’t recognized from other roles and, therefore, you feel more like you’re watching a piece of small town life, not a movie.

I’m giving Taylor Bertram 4 out of 4 cigars, not only because I’m a big fan of DeFord and company, but because this is a great story that leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what exactly happened…which isn’t all that easy to do these days! Find out more over at http://www.oakroadmultimedia.com.