Tears at Dawn (2013) – By Brian Morton

There’s nothing I love more that a good revenge movie! Yep, always have, always will. So, when I got the chance to see Jordan Kerfeld’s Tears at Dawn, I was pretty excited. It’s not often that you see a low budget revenge movie, and this one is top notch!

Tears at Dawn is the story of a man who’s sister is taken by an evil ice cream man. He wants his sister back, so he sets out to find out where she is and bring her home. This leads him through the ice cream man himself to his employers in a path of violence and revenge that’s pretty damned cool!

The story here is exactly what you’d expect, there’s no new ground broker here, but there doesn’t need to be. The acting is great, the characters are recognizable and you really find yourself wanting to bring this girl home as much as her brother does! All in all, it’s a pretty satisfying and cool movie! I’m giving Tears at Dawn 4 out of 4 cigars, everything looks great, from the look of the film itself to the fight scenes which are staged wonderfully! Find out how to see this amazing short for yourself by heading over to http://www.jordankerfeld.com.