Temptation (2009) – By Cary Conley

Isabel is a beautiful young lady who is trying to drown her sorrows when she catches her boyfriend kissing another woman.  She tries to forget her pain by meeting her friends at a local pub, but soon abandons both to wander the London streets alone in her misery.  She is picked up by a nice taxi driver only to discover that her bad luck continues as the taxi driver is actually a serial rapist.  She is brutally raped several times in a dark back alley until a mysterious and beautiful lady kills the rapist and saves Izzy’s life.

Unfortunately, while the stranger saves Izzy’s life, she also damns her soul, for the beautiful stranger is a vampire and shares her own blood with Izzy.  Now, as Izzy begins to suffer through strange symptoms such as sunlight causing her pain and proximity to others making her crave blood, she must navigate the sexy, seedy London underworld to find the answer to her mysterious illness all the while avoiding the police who think she murdered the taxi driver.  She tracks the vampires to a burlesque club appropriately called Temptation to try and solve the puzzle.

As Izzy comes to terms with her new “illness,” she must decide to take her own life or take the life of someone else, thus becoming a full-fledged vampire.  Will she give in to “temptation” or will she end the curse by stepping into the sunlight?

With her first feature, director Catherine Taylor proves she is someone to watch.  Taylor has created a sexy and provocative late-night London populated with gorgeous lesbian vampires.  The colors are bright and garish, creating a carnival-like atmosphere during the nightlife scenes.  The score is excellent as well.  The acting is also very good and the special effects are excellent.  These may be traditional vampires that have to avoid the sun, but they are a force to be reckoned with, too.  These beautiful ladies are super-strong, have absolutely huge incisors, and can move across a room in the blink of an eye.  The optical effects employed to depict this movement are very well-done.  There is also plenty of sex and blood to go around as well.

As Izzy learns how to cope with her new found powers, she is pulled between her still human emotions and wanting to flex her other-worldly muscles.  As she wrestles with her emotions, Aurelie, Izzy’s savior and temptress, tries to force the issue by killing Izzy’s family.  How will Izzy deal with the loss of her family and Aurelie’s power?  Will she give in to Aurelie even though she is angry at the deaths of her mother and sister or will she find a way to exact revenge for their deaths?

I enjoyed this film and look forward to seeing what Taylor does next (her second feature is completed and awaiting distribution as we speak).  Temptation is an erotic and blood-drenched British vampire film that deserves to be seen.  For more information, go to www.breakingglasspictures.com.