Ten Seconds to Midnight (2007) – By Duane L. Martin

 Ten Seconds to Midnight is about a guy who’s been holed up in his apartment for the last three years, isolating himself from society…except for his net connection on which he gets various video messages from people. It’s December in the year 2012, which according to the Mayan calendar is the end of…something. Different people have various interpretations on why that date is important and what they think it will be the end of. Personally, I figure the guy who was making the calendar either got sick of it or just died at some point after he happened to finish that particular day in that particular year…but whatever. The fact is, this guy thinks it’s the end of all the problems in the world and the rise of a new global consciousness where everything’s going to be wonderful. Thing is, he’s not coming out to interact with the rest of the world until that moment comes to pass.

So, what makes this film special in comparison to the multitudes of other shorts I’ve reviewed? Well, the script won an award at a film festival, and was then given to director Jason Roberts to produce into a finished film. So what’s so special about that you may ask? Well, he only had 48 hours to do it. Again, what’s so special about that? Lots of directors have been in these competitions and what not where they have to make a film in 48 hours. Well, what’s so special about it is that this film looks and sounds absolutely phenomenal. In 48 hours with an extremely talented crew, Jason Roberts created a film that looks like a project that took months to put together.

The following is a quote directly from the director…

"Cullen Paul Wright, the CG supervisor did not come aboard the film until I had 20 hours left before the deadline, so the fact that he could pull the CG off in that time was amazing. My favorite thing is people ask how he pulled it off in 48hrs, and my reply is he didn’t. He pulled it off in 20 hours."

"By the way, if you really liked the sound design and mix please feel free to mention John Frost of Sonic Pool, he did a great job with the deadline as did everyone involved."

I did like the sound design…a lot. It was brilliant, as was the CG, set design and everything else in this film. So consider him mentioned Jason!

While the end of the story is somewhat open to interpretation, the way this film was executed isn’t, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

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