Thanks to Rogue Cinema – I Had a Great Time! – By Baron Craze


I started to officially pen reviews for Duane’s site in June of 2014, now before that I would submit one-off articles on a local event called Terror Film Festival, then in that month, I asked permission and gave film reviews and it just grew, quickly, no longer submitting just one article but welcome to write more for the site.

A great friendly site, always open to accepting movies from both the larger companies and independent filmmakers, doing interviews with personalities, many of the writers got films from various sources, and a few us acquired them on our own. The editor and owner of the site, Duane, never pushed or pressured the writers too much, knowing one has a life, work, families, this to most just a hobby and enjoyable relaxation to write about the passion of film. He kept the deadlines firm, and asked for clean reviews no f-bombs, inquiry to each of us can you watch this or interview this person, in a personal friendly manner. I recall a great interaction with Duane once, involving a review, where I needed to footnote a quote of another source, I know who does that for a review? I do. He stated he never got that question before and came up with a way to solve the problem, and since then I’ve implemented it often.

I had been covering the Terror Film Fest, and discovered the site that they welcomed new writers, and from there it became much more, one article or review, then asking and granted to write more reviews and then 2016 I started to contribute articles – film anniversary celebrations, green-lighting interviews, set visits. Then this year reviewing comics, books and asked to review a soundtrack (ask once again does Rogue cover it – YES, though the last time was December 2010) from composer Semih Tareen for the film Dead West (2016).

A recap of Rogue Cinema, started in June 2004, I started 10-years later writing for them, in that time until May 2017, Rogue has published 5,782 pieces, but a further breakdown required 516 Interviews; 700 Articles; 2 Short Stories; 2 technical items. As for the Reviews: 4,253 Film and Anime; 5 Soundtracks; 126 Television; 87 Comic Book; and 92 Books. One sees over the years many writers, some stayed, and others left, all reviewing the classics, rising filmmakers, covering events and yes trying handle the dreadful films, which some you, the readers, know I cover at The Horror Syndicate for the column called DOA Reviews.

Rogue stood the test of time, only to falter due to rising personal costs measured financially and to his life, a lasting impact.

It is that, I’m thankful to Duane and his site Rogue Cinema, assisting me in crafting my style, and helped to launch all I do, it’s not a hobby, rather my career, the opportunity got the footing I needed. From there attending more fests, visiting film sets, more interviews, receiving DVDs and private links for reviews, none I ever gave away, polishing my reputation heavily, launching multiple podcast shows and so much more – THANKS. I wrote 390 total works from June 2014 to June 2017 for an estimated view count of 509,000 thanks to you the readers!