That Girl – Season 2 (1967-1968) – By Jason S. Lockard

Ann Marie and Donald are back for a second season of love and laughter. Thanks to Australian company Madman Entertainment I was able to relive the second season all over again and you can too.

In the second season of That Girl see Ann and Donald’s relationship grow deeper but to Ann her career is first and foremost. In this season Ann’s determination pays off. Ann gets to be in a play with Ethel Merman, appear in commercials, is on the cover of a magazine and is cast in a Broadway hit. This season boasts of many great guest stars including; Ethel Merman, Rob Reiner, Teri Garr, Ruth Buzzi, Robert Alda, Rich Little, Bill Bixby, Norman Fell, Joan Blondell and Sid Caesar.

Some of the best episodes of this season include; ‘The Good Skate’ Ann makes a valiant effort to learn to roller-skate to get a part in a soft-drink commercial. ‘The Collaborators’ Ann and Donald learn that a couple that works together also fights together when they collaborate on a play about her life. ‘The Rivals’ Ann takes boyfriend Donald home to spend the weekend with her parents, only to find that her father is jealous of Don and sees him as a rival.

This 5 DVD collection not only includes all 30 unedited ground breaking episodes, but also a never-aired 1965 pilot ‘Two’s Company’. Than the bonus features include four audio commentaries featuring Marlo Thomas and Co-Creator Bill Persky and a documentary ‘That Show….. That Woman…. A new beginning for women. This collection is jam packed with good stuff.

This is a must have for sitcom fanatics. So if you can view region 4 DVDs by all means pick up a copy of That Girl Season 2. Visit and find out how you can get a copy today.

Moral Rating: Nothing Offensive
Audience: Families
Genre: Comedy
Length: Almost 750 minutes
DVD Released: 2006
DVD Rating: A