That Girl – Season 3 (1968-1969) – By Jason S. Lockard

The third season of That Girl is a pivotal one for aspiring actress Ann Marie (Marlo Thomas) and her ever-devoted boyfriend Donald Hollinger (Ted Bessell). In an era of great change, That Girl was a reflection of that change. Now thanks to Australian company Madman Entertainment I am able to relive the third season all over again and you can too.

The third season of That Girl boasts of many great guest stars including; Penny Marshall, Larry Storch, Vic Tayback, McLean Stevenson, Florence Halop, Mary Frann, and Danny Thomas himself. Some of the best episodes of this season include; ‘Secret ballot’ Ann is excited at the prospect of voting in her first presidential election. But on Halloween night, when Ann’s father asks her what party she registered with, Ann feels it’s her right to preserve her secret ballot. ‘The Earrings’ On Valentine’s Day, Donald gives Ann a pair of genuine diamond earrings they saw together at Tiffany’s. Ann is scared to wear them, her fears are realized when one of the disappears. ‘Dark on top of everything else’ Ann and Donald decide to take a little vacation from themselves, so Ann decides to stays at her parent’s house who were on vacation. She gets trapped in the basement.

This 4 DVD collection includes all 26 unedited ground breaking episodes. Than there is the bonus features; audio commentaries by Marlo Thomas and Series Co-Creator Bill Persky, Original Promos, Marlo Thomas Makeup Test and a new documentary: That Show… That Woman… The Creation of That Girl: The Woman On Both Sides Of The Camera.

So if you have the first two seasons, you know you have to have the third one as well. So if you can view region 4 DVDs by all means pick up a copy of That Girl Season 3. Visit and find out how you can get a copy today.

Moral Rating: Nothing Offensive
Audience: Families
Genre: Comedy
Length: Almost 650 minutes
DVD Released: 2007
DVD Rating: A