The 11th Aggression (2009) – By Emily Intravia

We all get worked up, feeling our blood boil and faces redden when someone won’t treat us with the respect we assume we deserve. Some people find anger harder to tame, ending up in bar fights or behind bars. Then there’s Jeffrey Walters, the main character in Charles Peterson’s The 11th Aggression. Piss him off and you might find yourself poisoned with Drano, beheaded, or choking on your dead boyfriend’s penis.

Part detective story and more grisly horror, The 11th Aggression follows Vietnam vet Walters (Steve Furedy) as he slaughters anyone that offends him, whether that means driving like idiots or denying him a drink after last call. The kills themselves are fairly innovative in gruesome ways, producing extreme gore you might now have seen before. Unfortunately, they’re also generally devoid of any real emotional impact.

We don’t know much about Jeffrey Walters, save for some expositional psychological profiling–delivered in true expositional style–about his inability to let anger pass (i.e., the 11th aggression of the title). As a result, he’s just not that interesting a villain, while the pair of detectives on his trail feel painted by every good cop/bad cop cliche you’ve seen elsewhere.

As the seasoned detective, actor Lanny Rethaber fares the best in The 11th Aggression, creating a believable and beleaguered man dealing with the token non-supportive wife and wild card younger partner. It’s his story that ultimately grounds the film, leading to a surprisingly effective twist ending that taps deeply into the film’s theme of unmetered boiling points. 

The 11th Aggression is marred by some trite characterization and storytelling, but it does provide some all-out grittiness for those who enjoy extreme serial killer films. The DVD is available through Chemical Burn Entertainment at and has an official website at