The 48th Hour (2008) – By Brian Morton

 I can’t tell you how many zombies I’ve seen in my life. No, not real ones wandering around the city, but in movies. I’ve seen just about every kind of zombie movie there is, and, let me tell you, a good low budget zombie movie is a rare thing. Well, I just got a chance to see a great low budget zombie movie, it’s from Ryan Valdez and it’s called The 48th Hour.

The story here is about Ryan, a guy whose friend just turned into a zombie and now he’s on the run alone. When he’s cornered in a high rise building he finds himself in a room with three sisters, Hannah and Annabelle and Jude, all of whom are trapped too, looking for a place to hide from the onslaught of the zombie horde! When the girls go to find a bathroom, something awful is revealed and it leads to a stunning ending to this less than 17 minute film. The real strength of The 48th Hour is that in just 16 plus minutes, Valdez manages to get you so sucked in to these characters! We don’t know anyone’s back story, we barely get to know some of them, but our connection to these characters is so strong that it could only be from it being such a great cast. The writer/director himself as Ryan, Johnny Tabor as Jude, Anjelica Apodaca as Hannah, Ann Soria as Annabelle and Joshua Jimenez as Josh are all perfectly cast, each is on screen for only a little time, but we’re still attached to these people and when things go bad, I have to admit, I jumped more than once.

The 48th Hour is such a well made movie that I couldn’t believe that it was a low budget movie, I was sure that this must be a teaser for a bigger budget movie, but it’s not, it’s just a great calling card for an up and coming writer/director, who we all need to keep an eye on! If this is Ryan’s first attempt at a zombie movie, then I can’t wait to see what he’ll be able to do with a bigger budget and more time! You can find out more about Ryan and The 48th Hour by heading over to his Vimeo page. If you get the chance to view The 48th Hour, then take it! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. I’m giving it four out of four cigars, and that’s about as good as it gets. So, until next time, when I’ll be hiding in the basement from any zombie hordes, remember that the best movies are bad movies.