The Alumni Chapter (2010) – By Brian Morton

It’s one of the sad facts of life that friendships end and friends move on without us sometimes. Well, a new movie from Matthew Helderman, The Alumni Chapter, introduces us to a group of school friends who are coming to the end of that chapter in their lives and shows us moving in is something everyone has to deal with.

Julian and Mason are best friends and have been for years. During prep school they meet Perry and Nika, and the foursome becomes best friends through school. Julian and Perry soon find themselves dating, even though Mason has secretly loved her since they first met. As graduation gets closer and closer, Perry realizes that going to college with Julian would mean not growing and staying in the same spot she’s in now, and her leaving means that the group is breaking up…possibly for good.

Helderman has put together an amazing drama that manages to be dramatic without being exploitative. There’s no ‘big event’ that changes everyone’s lives, there’s only life that changes as our group travels through it, and you can’t help but be changed when everything around you is changing. As we get to know the foursome, we realize that we, too, have been changed like they’re being changed, friends grow up and move away, and our life still moves forward. The writing and acting in The Alumni Chapter is top notch, everyone is perfectly cast and a the movie comes to an end, I really felt like a group of close friends were moving apart and probable weren’t going to see each other again…it was a bit sad.

I’m giving The Alumni Chapter 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s not often that I see an indie drama that draws its conflict from something so ordinary and normal as growing up, and this movie does it perfectly! Find out more for yourself by heading over to