The Attic (2007) – By Brian Morton

 Sometimes it takes a great horror movie to prove to me that scares and shocks can be overrated. It seems that even I become jaded and keep waiting for the blood to flow and the guts to splat, and, when I get a movie that doesn’t appear to have any of that I get a bit apprehensive about watching it. After all, how can you do a horror movie without gore? Well, leave it to Mary Lambert (Pet Semetary) to prove me wrong…I would make a ‘just like a woman’ joke there, but I have too much respect for Ms. Lambert for that. Her new movie, The Attic, is one of the best horror movies I’ve seen in years!

The Attic is the tail of Emma Callan, a girl who has just moved, with her family, to a new home. Soon after moving, Emma begins acting differently, she see a strange girl moving around the house and soon believes that, if she leaves the house, she’ll be killed. Her only trusted contact with the outside world is a local detective. As Emma’s obsession with the strange girl increases, so does her mental stress, until she seems to be more unstable than anyone who might be out to hurt her, she believes that her parents have killed her sister, that evil Wiccan rituals are being performed in the attic and that her parents now want her dead! But, is it all real? Or is it just in Emma’s mind?

The Attic is one of those rare movies that never leaves the house, but will draw you in and keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end! Mary Lambert has proven time and again that she’s an amazing storyteller and The Attic only cements that legacy. The story is great, the acting is top notch and there’s not a weakness to be seen anywhere in the film! I’m giving The Attic four out of four cigars, because, despite the lack of grue that most horror films now feel obligated to dish out, The Attic will still leave you looking over your shoulder! You can grab a copy for yourself by heading over to the Allumination Filmworks web site for more info. And, until next time, when I’ll introduce you to my own evil twin (it’s really just me in a goatee) remember that the best movies are bad movies.