The Ax Man Enigma (2013) – By Brian Morton

Alright, I’ll confess right now, I’m a sucker for real crime shows. Whether it’s a ‘news magazine’ or just a special, I’ll always get suckered into anything that’s ‘true crime’. So, when The Ax Man Enigma dropped into my DVD player, I couldn’t have been happier!

The story here is about the Villisca Iowa Axe Murders that happened in 1912. A family went to bed, and sometime in the night, someone killed them all with an axe. The mystery comes when no one hears anything, remember its 1912, there was no electricity, so the normal background noise that we’re used to didn’t exist, and it’s nearly incomprehensible that after one axe attack, no one heard anything. Now, there are suspect and plenty of them, and the supernatural explanations abound too, but this, at it’s core, is a murder mystery.

This short film doesn’t tell us the story as a story, it’s told as a documentary, and we see people who are making a movie about the murders telling us about the real story behind the film. In all, it really makes me want to see this movie, Slay Utterly, but I’m not sure if it exists really or if it’s just for the purposes of this doc. In fact, I’m only partially sure that this is a real crime at all, but whether it’s real or not, doesn’t matter, this is still a compelling story that makes you want to dig deeper…so, if it’s all fictional, it’s done so well that I couldn’t tell!

I’m giving The Ax Man Enigma 4 out of 4 cigars, its well put together and makes you want to learn more about this crime…whether it’s real or not! Find out more over at