The Beast: The Complete Series (2009) – By Jason S. Lockard


Patrick Swayze is a movie icon, a legend! Whether it’s action, romance, adventure, drama, comedy. Swayze did it all before cancer got the best of him. But before he left this world Patrick Swayze played in the TV series The Beast. Now thanks to the fine folks at Mill Creek Entertainment is now on DVD.

The Beast follows FBI agent Charles Barker (Swayze) who applies controversial techniques in his attempts to bring criminals to justice. Now Agent Barker has been assigned a new partner to train in the ways of the FBI. But could his new partner be a double agent?

Patrick Swayze saved arguably his best performances for last. His performance as Agent Barker is chilling and absolutely enthralling. The action is intense and the story is keeps your interest all the way through the season.  But make no mistake about it this series is very adult with adult situations and language.

This 2 disc DVD set includes all 13 action packed episodes in awesome quality. The video and audio is just stellar. The DVD menus are easy to access.

So if your a fan of Patrick Swayze or intense cop shows add this one to your collection. Head over to or your local video provider and pick this one up today!

Moral Rating: violence, adult situations and language
Audience: adults
Genre: drama
Length: 3 hours 24 minutes
DVD Release: 2016
DVD Rating: A