The Bleeding (2010) – By Brian Morton

Vampires are quite popular nowadays. It seems that zombies are out and vampires are in, in the B movie world, and there’s been no movie B-er than The Bleeding, a vampire/action movie that makes you want to rent those Twilight movies.

The story here is fairly obvious, a soldier in Afghanistan is killed to become the ‘king of the vampires’, and then his whole family is killed by vampires. Now, his brother is all that’s left and he’s looking for revenge. The problem is that the brother, played by Michael Matthias, may be the most muscle-bound wooden actor of all time. Michael has all the screen presence that the truck in the finale has! And, he surrounded by actors who usually do better than this. There’s Armand Assante in a cameo as a cop, there’s Michael Madsen as a renegade priest out to kill vampires and let’s not forget Kat Von D as a…well, a vampire. I expect much better things from both Assante and Madsen, but they’re both wasted here with lame lines and a premise so loose that it barely makes sense.

First, our hero is sent on a quest to find an address and name, then he’s sent to the mysterious priest…but not before running into a vampire at a rest stop that appears to be in the script only to have our hero meet up with a girl…a girl who happens to be going to the same place as our hero…the irony! All this leads to a finale sword fight that matches every sword fight I ever had with sticks in my back yard as a kid…yes, it’s that dramatic!

The Bleeding is clearly trying to make an ‘action star’ of Michael Matthias, but it’s gonna take more than this. He may have a ‘look’, but his acting leaves much to be desired and even the full efforts of Michael Madsen and Vinnie Jones doesn’t seem to penetrate that dead look he gives everyone…all the time!

I’m giving The Bleeding 1 out of 4 cigars, if you like vampire movies or action movies…then this is a movie you probably want to avoid, as it makes both those genres blush! You can find out for yourself by heading over to