The Boob Tube Show (2010) – By Duane L. Martin

Richard Thrawbone is a dick…literally. He owns the worst suburban porn theater in town. With the theater’s janitor (jizz mopper) Samuel and the semi-caustic projectionist Luna, they sit alone in the theater and relentlessly critique cheesy 70’s porn flicks. Does that sound familiar? Of course it does. It’s basically Mystery Science Theater…but with cheesy 70’s porn.

Of the three DVDs I received from Cheezy Flicks to review, this is the only one of the three that was at least tolerable, and that’s only really because of the films they watched, not because of them or their attempts at making humorous comments about the events of said films. What I was disappointed the most with was the talking dick, Richard, who owned the theater. The costume itself was quite fun, and they missed a really awesome opportunity to make it a really cute, fun character. What we get instead is basically…a dick. He’s rather caustic and nasty and talks like he’s been slamming whiskey and smoking cigars and pimpin’ ho’s since he was three. It made the character very unlikeable, and I cringed every time he spoke. Samuel and Luna were ok, with Samuel actually being quite likeable. Still, the lameness of the jokes, the nasty dick and an overall lack of humor made it a rather painful to watch. However, it did have two high points. The films themselves, which were quite cheesy and fun, and the trivia about the films that was thrown in here and there. Those bits were quite interesting.

I (gasp!!!) never liked Mystery Science Theater. I never found it all that funny and the whole time I ever saw any of the episodes, all I could think was, "Man, I’d rather just watch the movie by itself and come up with my own funny comments," so you can imagine how much less I liked The Boob Tube Show when I found most of the comments even less funny.

In the end though, despite my own feelings about these types of shows, would I recommend it? Ignoring my own feelings, I’d say that the cheesiness, the random bits of interesting trivia and the occasional smile-worthy comment make it worth checking out, but just barely. My recommendation on this one is luke warm at best, but I would say it’s worth a look.

This film is available from MVD Entertainment Group here.