The Boogeyman (2010) – By Brian Morton

A Steven King story is a very hard thing to tell on screen, and, as proof, there’s been so many failures that it’s almost hard to name the successes. Well, an indie filmmaker from Ireland, Gerard Lough, has managed to take a King story and do it justice without a huge budget! The story is The Boogeyman and it’s a great short.

Andrew is a fairly normal guy, all he wants to a job, a wife, some children and a quiet life. But, Andrew is stalked by a Boogeyman, and it’s not after him, it’s after the people around him. After two children die from ‘infant death syndrome’, Andrew and his wife have resigned themselves to the fact that they’re destined to be childless. And, only Andrew knows that the other children didn’t die accidentally, it was an evil being that lives in the closet that comes out and kills them. He can’t prove it without everyone thinking that he’s insane, so he quietly keeps this horror to himself. But, when the couple is blessed with a third child, Andrew makes it his mission to protect this baby! Can he? Or will the Boogeyman continue to stalk Andrew’s life? I guess you’ll have to check this cool short out for yourself to find out.

I’m giving The Boogeyman 3 1/2 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect, but it’s damned close! The acting is great, the story (of course) is tense and scary and the film looks great. I did feel that, even at just under half an hour, it did slow down in places…but don’t let that keep you from waiting until the very end to see what the Boogeyman has in store for Andrew!! Visit The Boogeyman for yourself by heading over to