The Book of Dallas (2012) – By Misty Layne

Dallas McKay is your average 20-something newspaper reporter: Single, liberal, and unabashedly atheist. When a truck smacks into him in a bar parking lot, he wakes up in Heaven and – after uttering a few choice profanities – finds himself face-to-face with the God he doesn’t believe exists. But God isn’t out for vengeance; He’s concerned that His message has been lost in a swarm of religious zealotry, and sends Dallas back to Earth to write and sell a new, improved religious text.

The Book of Dallas starring Benjamin Crockett, Clay Evans, Jeanne Whitney, Kevin Roach, Rusty James, Kristine Renee Farley, David Ross and Julie Hernandez Seaton and directed by Joe Atkinson, Jakob Bilinski, and Marx H. Pyle, is nothing short of a grand ole time. I admit to some prejudice here because I’m a fan of any movie/show that deals with religious material but this is one exceptional web series!

My first thought going into this was of Kevin Smith’s Red State but it took an entirely different approach to how people view religion or how religion affects people. A wonderful comedy in the vein of Dogma, this web series approaches the idea of what would happen if God said, “Hey guys? Know what? You’re missing the point here – let me have this biblical text rewritten so maybe you’ll better understand it.” How would people react? How would the world change and who would be affected?

There’s a bit of awkward acting here but as I’ve noticed a trend of that in recent movies so I guess that’s something that’s happening. It doesn’t distract and at times makes what’s happening all the funnier. My favorite character is Dallas’ roommate who frankly is kind of a jerk but he’s an honest jerk and spreads the jerk love around.

Also excellent here is the cinematography. Everything is sharp and clean with muted lighting and there’s a lot of great color schemes going on that serve to enhance the storyline. Well, story lines. Not only do we have Dallas’ storyline here but we have a storyline of a desperate man who has been searching for his meaning who (as of the last episode I watched) seems to have been saved by Dallas’ rewrite of God’s word. And speaking of God, she is phenomenal. Yes, she. She loves pancakes and hangs out with Peter (whom she refers to as the "hippie") and is blunt and snarky.

Full of some great throw away comedy and one-liners (rock, paper, scissors to decide who the designated driver is for the night and when Dallas meets God “Well, this will be awkward.”), The Book of Dallas is a grand time for anyone who enjoys their religion with a side of snark and heart. To quote Dallas and his roommate (and the always amazing Blues Brothers who came before them) – “We’re on a mission from God.”

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