The Brazilian Affair (2015) – By Jim Morazzini


From the title I was hoping for a thriller set in Rio with lots of hot Brazilian women. Instead I got a thriller set in San Diego with one Brazilian woman, and she wasn’t all that.

The Brazilian Affair, which recently had it’s world premier as part of the San Diego Film Consortium’s 2015 Fall Film Festival is a short film detailing an ex government operative turned bodyguard who is called back to service by a former employer, the current governor of California. It seems somebody has kidnapped his Brazilian mistress, (hence the title), and he needs somebody to handle the ransom delivery. Complicating things is the reason he quit his job with the governor, a mutual attraction between him and his boss’s wife. Needless to say complications and double crosses ensue.

The film starts off in a pretty cliched manner, the hero laying bleeding, a heart beating on the soundtrack as he begins to tell us how he ended up in that predicament. However once we get to that point it’s only the halfway point of the film. What comes after it is unexpected if not overly exciting.

The main problem with the film is that for somebody who’s supposed to be a top operative our hero makes a lot of stupid and careless mistakes like kicking a door open and not noticing that somebody was still hiding behind it, or standing and facing an opening garage door instead of finding cover. Add in a few twists that we’ve seen before and it’s a familiar story.

The film is well shot, and has some nice scenery before moving indoors for most of it’s running time. The action scenes are fairly well choreographed, but some horrible bullet hit and blood splatter CGI take away from them. Low budget film makers take heed, CGI is not your friend.

Coming in at about 23 minutes, The Brazilian Affair never gets terribly boring but it never really gets all that interesting either. With a bit of work on the script it could have been a lot better and hopefully for their current project it will be. The tech skills are there, the folks at Casualty Films just need to sharpen their writing chops.