The Brothers Dim / Who Stole Shrunken Ed? Double Feature (2014) – By Duane L. Martin

Michael Legge makes silly films.  Not many people nowadays do that anymore, but he does, and he and his troupe of regulars that he often uses in his films do a very good job of it.

Who is Michael Legge?  Some may know him better as Dr. Dreck, a cable show host who shows cheap b-movies, along with his sidekick Moaner (Lorna Noguiera) and a crazy cast of characters that includes both real people and puppets.  This new release from Michael Legge includes two short films.

The Brothers Dim is a story about two not so intelligent brothers who live in a garage.  Unfortunately, they’re way behind on their rent and their landlord is threatening to have them killed by his monstrously thuggish accountant, Jedro.  Fortunately for them, their landlord has lost his lucky penny, so he tells them that if they can find it, he’ll let them live there rent free for the rest of their lives.  Thus begins their quest to find his lucky penny.

Who Stole Shrunken Ed? is a Dr. Dreck adventure in which a shrunken head named Shrunken Ed accidentally casts a spell that gets him trapped in limbo, only he’s not there alone.  There’s someone else who’s been trapped in there for quite some time, and they’re going to use Shrunken Ed as leverage to get back into the real world.  That is, if Dr. Dreck and his cohorts can’t figure out a way to bring him back without freeing his captor.

As I said, these films are silly.  That’s what they’re made to be, which means that a lot of the humor is groan worthy, and yet it still manages to stay fun rather than being something that has you reaching for the eject button.  The Dr. Dreck one in particular I was really looking forward to, because of all of the films of his that I’ve reviewed over the years, The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck was far and away my favorite.  To be honest, I’d have been thrilled just to have one full length Dr. Dreck film, but I’ll take what I can get.

Both films are entertaining and have their fair share of silly jokes that’ll have you rolling your eyes, but there’s more to this release than just these two films.  There’s also another short film called Human interest, and a blooper reel.

Do yourself a favor and pick yourself up a copy of this release, and while you’re there, pick yourself up a copy of The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck as well and watch that one first.  You’ll need to know some things from that film to understand some things that happen in Who Stole Shrunken Ed?.  There’s a bit at the beginning of the film that gives you some background on the characters in that one so you’re not totally lost, but you should see the other film first anyway, just because.

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