The Burnnie Show (2016) – By Philip Smolen


“The Burnnie Show” is a web-based series about the adventures of a friendly rabbit puppet that helps his neighbors and all of the children in town do the right thing. Created by Steve Treague, the series is Christian-themed and while not overly religious, it does use several quotes from the bible to help reinforce its topic.

The episode I watched involved Burnnie and his search for a lost dog. Burnnie gets help from many of the local children and they all walk around town, put up posters and try to find the lost pooch. The theme for the episode was having compassion for others and the rabbit and his friends certainly practiced this trait. The series is simple, sweet and direct and clearly designed for children, although personally I thought it went on a little bit too long and lost some momentum along the way. But all of the non-professional actors give natural performances and thankfully the show doesn’t rely on an overdose of saccharine sweetness to get its point across. Parents looking for a web series for their children that identify positive behavior traits may want to check out “The Burnnie Show” and see if it’s right for them.

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