The Chicago Fang(don’t)go Horror Convention Review – (2008) Jason Patfield

 Fangoria has hosted a convention in Chicago for the past few years and I have always been a big supporter of them, they usually are able to throw the best Horror Conventions in Chicago.
Since I am a huge fan of the horror genre, the convention is my haven to explore and catch up on the latest flicks, but I must say I was quite disappointed in this years display. 

First thing that bothered me was the lack of vendors, they only had around 30 vendors on the main floor, which usually packs a nice 60 vendors and they stuck all the independent low budget film makers down stairs with the Troma booth, this was sad site, imagine only 6 independent vendors in the huge recreation room trying to compete with Troma, I was wondering if this was suppose to be an insult to Troma or the independent artists?

The worst dealing of all this was Fango still charged over $25 per day entry fee and offered little to nothing in return.

I did however get a chance to meet up with a sickly Sid Haig who was coughing up a lung, I exchanged a good 3 words before getting the brush off, after I refused to pay $25 for a signed autograph, the same action was demonstrated by Richard Kiel, however I had unfortunately never been a big fan of 007 series so I was hardly offended, but Sid my boy how could you do a brother like that?

We had a nice little chat with Kevin Strange from Hack Films who was out promoting his new film Colonel Kill Mutherfucker a wacky comedy horror about revenge with tons of gore and laughs. He had a couple words to say about the layout of the Fango but assured me, Hack’s sales were doing well; he mentioned a better line up of guest appearances and the failure to promote Robert England might have had a direct effect on the attendance. I must say Kevin was very positive and demonstrates awesome abilities to network and promote his movies on a no budget status. Kudos to him!

Another independent producer who was nice enough to give us some time was Tony Wash from Scotchworthy Productions, watch for this guy he’s going to be huge one day!  Scotchworthy has just put out a choose your own adventure DVD for their new movie "It’s my party and I’ll will die if I want to" I really can not say much for the title, but I do dig the movie! Tony Wash graduated from Tom Savini school of Special Effects and is the director, producer and editor of this horror flick. This movie has more production value installed then most big budget movie out there! I will have a review coming up for the movie soon, but I have to say this is the best indie horror movie I have seen in a long time, hands down!  Tony Wash is a great guy who talked about his past projects and future ventures, he had some great insight on the market place and is seeking distribution for the movie, and truthfully I don’t think he’s far off!

We also had a chance to talk shortly with production manager Noelle VandenBerg from Autumn Night Productions ; she was very excited to talk about their newest slasher film called Psycho Holocaust. She had mentioned it will stretch the boundaries touching on subjects such as rape, incest and other horrorific events, all which occur to some poor helpless folks who get lost in the backwoods. The screen shots looked promising, promoting a good amount of blood and guts for the avid gore hound. 

In retrospect I felt that most of the vendors had the same input on this year Fango Convention, however it was not as big as the prior one’s most were successful in sales and this shows that the horror genre still has a huge following.
However I can not say the convention was a huge success in my book compared to past years, I can say that unless they revamp the festival for next year, I will seriously have to consider if I will be out promoting it as the best Chicago Horror convention.

You can check out the Fango horror convention online and please be sure to let us know how the conventions did in you town?