The City (2010) – By Brian Morton

The first time I saw James Vogel’s The City, I have to admit, I enjoyed it. So, why do another review of the same movie…well, because, it’s not really the same movie. Vogel has reedited his movie and added some scenes and taken away others to make this great indie movie even better.

The story remains basically the same, Scott is a frustrated screenwriter who needs to have some ‘darker’ experiences to flesh out his current work. He meets T.K. who’s filled with ‘dark’ and is more than willing to share. The two soon find themselves fast friends and are up to no good! I won’t go into much further detail, but you can read my original review here.

Well, in this ‘director’s cut’, the action remains largely the same, but pared down quite a bit. The action feels tighter that story moves faster and Vogel adds an ending that will make your skin absolutely crawl!!!!

I’m giving this new incarnation of The City the exact same rating I gave the original 4 out of 4 cigars…because I can’t give it 5! You can find out more by checking out the film’s Facebook page here.