The Classic Cinema Collection (2007) – By Jason S. Lockard

As many of you may know by now from my article and podcast I love classic cinema. Well, Legend Films released a 3 disk set entitled The Classic Cinema Collection featuring 3 paramount releases. I was in seventh heaven when I received this. Let’s take a look at the films included on this collection.

Our Rating System:

****=Don’t Miss it!
***=Worth a look.
**=An Ok way to spend an evening.
*=You haven’t missed anything.

Disk 1: Houdini (1953): Tony Curtis stars in this biopic of the life and times of magician and illusionist Harry Houdini whose tricks defied explanation and safety. ***

Disk 2: Money From Home (1953): Comedy legends Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis star in this classic. When "Honey-talk" Nelson’s (Dean Martin) gambling debts begin to mount and the mob wants their money. He devices a plan to pay them off and enlists the help of his cousin Virgil (Jerry Lewis). ****

Disk 3: Papa’s Delicate Condition (1963): At the start of the 20th century Jack Griffith (Jackie Gleason) is the type of man that if the ice cream parlor doesn’t believe in selling triple banana splits for a penny, Jack will buy the establishment (and he does). His antics are just to much for his long suffering wife Amberlyn who goes back to her parents in Texarkana; where her father is running for his third term as mayor. Jack is on his way there to win her back, the only problem is he is not coming alone. ***

This collection of three Paramount releases is an amazing collection filled with a little bit of everything; drama, fun, music, laughter, and romance. As far as bonus features go you get a trailer on Houdini and Papa’s Delicate Condition and that’s about it, but if you love films as much as I do these three films are more than enough for this collection.

If your a fan of classic cinema by all means pick up this great collection! You can’t go wrong here! Head over to or your local DVD provider and get a copy today before they are all gone.

Moral Rating: Nothing Offensive
Audience: Families
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Length: Over 5 Hours
DVD Released: 2008
Our DVD Rating: A