The Clone Theory (2015) – Jim Morazzini


The Clone Theory is a short, 3:05 minute, science fiction film by  A.P. Stevens. And it is indeed by him, he wrote, directed, shot, edited and is the only actor in the film. This is a literal one man show. And it’s actually pretty good for what it is.

The central idea behind the film involves the possibility that technology itself has become sentient and, of course, clones. It’s told in voice over as an unnamed man works at his computer. It’s interesting enough that it keeps your attention for the film’s brief running time. I’d like to see him get an actual cast and crew and expand on this short, it’s an idea that could easily sustain a longer piece.

On the tech side it is well shot, no mean feat considering he had to place the camera and let it film as he acted. The sound and editing are solid as well. It even has an original score, by a Mr. Darklight which is good as well.

There’s not really a lot more I can say about something so short except that it is worth a watch and I hope to see more from Mr. Stevens in the future. The film is on YouTube so you can check it out easily.