The Collapsed (2012) – By Brian Morton

The end of the world has come many times in movies, lately it’s zombies…but, in a new movie from Anchor Bay, The Collapsed, it might be something else.

A family of four is trying to survive after the world has collapsed. They’re staying as far away from civilization as they can because anyone they might run into could be violent. As they travel, it’s inevitable that they run into other survivors…some of whom might not have the same good intentions that they have.

What happened to the world? Well, you’ll have to catch this movie for yourself. But, let me just say that, when it comes to ‘end of the world’ movies, this is one of the best, most interesting and different ‘end of the world’ movies that I’ve seen in years!

I’m giving The Collapsed 4 out of 4 cigars, if you like the end of the world, then you’re going to enjoy this ride! Take a trip to the end of the world yourself by heading over to