The Commitment (2012) – By Brian Morton

Having a baby can be one of the most wonderful and most stressful times in your life. There’s moments of sheer joy followed almost immediately by moments of self-doubt and fear. Well, a new movie from Albert Chan, The Commitment, brings us a glimpse into the joyful/terrifying time in any couples life.

The Commitment is the story of Robert and Ethan, an interracial gay couple who are attempting to adopt a child. They’ve been chosen by an Asian woman to adopt her child. They meet, they make a connection and then things take an odd turn.

While any description of this movie will sound trite and simple, there’s nothing simple about this film. Filled with a depth of emotion, The Commitment is really a tale of love and what you’ll go through for it. You can tell that this movie is based on real events; it’s filled with the kind of feeling that only someone who’d been through this could relate and, like a real event, it’s the hard times that really define the relationship between Robert and Ethan. When it’s all over, you’ll want to see this couple win!

I’m giving The Commitment 4 out of 4 cigars; its realism will give you real hope for humanity when you’re feeling a bit jaded. It’s heartwarming, joyful and sad…all at the same time, like real life! Click on over to and find out where you can see this short film….and see it!