The Company Men (2010) – By Brian Morton

We all know that economy is bad, but when it comes to worrying about the executives and bankers losing their jobs, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone worrying too much about them. Well, a new movie from Anchor Bay, The Company Men, tells the story of a group of GTX executives who are being affected by corporate downsizing.

Ben Affleck plays Bobby Walker, an executive who’s just been let go. He’s used to living a certain lifestyle and has some difficulty adjusting to living on an entirely new budget. Tommy Lee Jones plays Gene McClary, one of the founders of the company who’s let go because he’s mostly opposed to letting people go in the name of making profit. The story here mostly centers on Bobby and his transition from corporate suit to working class guy, the road is painful, but Bobby soon realizes what he’d lost by spending more time in the office than at home. Gene learns that he’s tired of living to please the ‘share-holders’ and is more in tune with the employees, and feels that companies should be more loyal to employees than to stock holders.

If you’re one of those people who (like me) didn’t feel much sympathy for executive who lost their jobs in the whole economic collapse, then The Company Men might open your eyes a bit, it lets us see these ‘upper class’ people as something other than the guy in the suit in the office. It’s a movie that will make you proud to be working class and make you look at those guys in the offices a bit differently!

I’m giving The Company Men 4 out of 4 cigars, for a movie that I sat down expecting to hate, I truly enjoyed it! And you will too, head over to and grab a copy for yourself.