The Cosby Show Season 3 (2014) – By Jason S. Lockard

After two successful seasons Bill Cosby returns with his TV family the Huxtables for another great season of family comedy. Thanks to Mill Creek Entertainment we can enjoy season 3 of The Cosby Show on DVD again and again.

The 3rd season includes 25 hilarious episodes. Some of the best were; Golden Anniversary: Cliff, Clair and the kids have a party for Anna and Russell Huxtable’s 50th wedding anniversary. Monster Man Huxtable: Cliff convinces Rudy to write a letter to Clair who is away at Hillman instead of calling her, Vanessa tries to teach her the "proper" way to write a letter. Say Hello to a Good buy: When Cliff decides it’s time to buy a new car, he dresses up in old, baggy, clothes to try and get a good deal.

This 2 disc DVD set includes all 25 full length episodes. Each episode is presented in full frame and really good audio and video quality. The DVD menu is easy to access. There is no bonus features, but come on your getting 25 full length classic episodes for under 10 dollars it’s a steal! I highly suggest you head over to and pick up a copy today!

Moral Rating: nothing offensive
Audience: families
Genre: sitcom
Length: over 10 hours
DVD Released: 2014
DVD Rating: A+