The Creepy Doll (2011) – By Brian Morton

We’ve all known them, those women who collect those dolls. And, inevitably, their homes are filled with shelves and shelves of dead eyed, porcelain frights that feel like they’re staring at you. Now, that might be a bit of an editorial on my feelings about doll collectors, but the new movie, The Creepy Doll, from Big Biting Pig Productions will have you jumping on my band wagon pretty quickly!

Jason and Kate Carraway are newlyweds. They’ve just moved into a new home and are getting settled. And, to top things off, Kate is expecting the couple’s first child. As the two begin settling in, Jason’s family starts coming around to help and to visit with the couple. Jason is right at home, but Kate seems less than excited to have people around. In fact, the only things that Kate likes to have around (besides Jason) are her dolls. She’s put together the baby’s room and has filled it with her doll collection…including one doll that’s particularly creepy to everyone who see it!

It’s not long before everyone begins to wonder about Kate and her dolls, especially the creepy one that seems to be her favorite. It all builds to an ending that will have you putting your dolls back in their boxes and out on the attic!

The Creepy Doll is just another in a string of great movies from PJ Woodside and Big Biting Pig! Its fun, it’s scary and it’s done in a way that makes it feel realistic. I’m giving The Creepy Doll 4 out of 4 cigars; it’s just a very cool, old fashioned ‘scary doll’ movie…with a bit of a twist! Find out more and grab a copy for yourself over at