The Crimson Dance (2016) and Never Tear Us Apart (2016) – Fantasia Festival 2016 – Jim Morazzini


One of the best things about festivals is the chance to see shorts films. While there are plenty of excellent shorts made every year it can be hard get see them unless they end up as part of an anthology or maybe it comes to an indie oriented streaming site. ChicArt was representing two very different shorts at Fantasia this year.

The Crimson Dance is a four minute short directed by the woman behind ChicArt, Patricia Chica. Inspired by her mother’s need for blood transfusions it features scream queen Tiffany Shepis as the host of a burlesque show featuring Tonya Kay performing a routine that involves words like “wound” and “disease” written on her body. She covers the words in blood from a jar as she dances before pouring it over herself. That’s one way to get the message that blood saves lives across. The film is quite effective and touching rather than risque.

Never Tear Us Apart on the other hand is a straight forward gore fest. Running about seven minutes it’s the opening scenes of what co-writer and director Sid Zanforlin hopes will become a feature film. A tale of blood, cannibalism and family ties it features two spectacular killings rendered via practical effects. The short itself is well done and sets up the plot for what could be a very interesting feature.

It’s really hard to say much more about such short films without giving everything away so I’ll just say see them if they come your way.

Crimson Dance:

Never Tear Us Apart: